Legendary Leather

Unique Design 8 Slot Brown Leather Wallet/Card Holder

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Dimensions (approx.)
L: 3.2”
H: 4.75”
Weight: 28gm
4 slots at the front and 4 slots at the back, can carry one card each slot
2 pockets behind the front and back slots for visiting cards and receipts
1 pocket in the middle for cash (folded), coins and keys
This wallet has a unique design with front and back as the mirror image stitched together creating a middle pocket.
Creatively designed to distribute the volume and maintain slimness even when loaded, by putting card slots in front and back of wallet on opposite side.
Very comfortable to carry in back pocket or front pocket
Made from top quality full grain leather, carefully stitched with high-grade polyester thread, with double stitches on the corners to increase life, edges are not painted just to see through the quality of leather used
May vary in colors due to natural oils of leather and in appearance due to the natural marking on animal
*natural marking add character to the product and is a proof of full grain leather see the quality section to know more about different leather types

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